Las Vegas Premier Paintball
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The best paintball field in Las Vegas - Premier Paintball
#1 Paintball field in Las Vegas - Premier Paintball

Sign Up NOW for LVPP's Big Game #3 Today!

Start the summer with LVPP's Rebels vs. Empire Big Game #3 from July 22-23, 2017! All 3 paintball field nets will be lowered for one HUGE scenario filed! There will be games EVERY 30 minutes with 10 minute breaks in between. Jam out with our live DJ and win awesome prizes at the raffle! Questions? Call the Pro Shop at 702-574-2066!

Summer Memberships Only $100!

Are you ready for summer? Get your game on this year by getting the LVPP Summer Membership for only $100! Sign up now in the pro shop!

"Tomorrow, you will wish you started today."

More Than Just Paintball!

Get ready for the time of your life at Las Vegas Premier Paintball! Ready to play? We offer many options such as Paintball, Low Impact Paintball, Kids Splat, Night ball and Airsoft! Looking to throw a party? We offer private parties 7 days a week! We cater and offer great packages for bachelor parties, birthday parties, private outings and even corporate events! With multiple fields and tons of rental gear, get ready to have a blast and create lasting memories!

Wednesday - Friday: 3pm-11pm
Saturday - Sunday: 9am-5pm

Wednesday - Friday: 2pm-11pm
Saturday - Sunday: 9am to 5pm

*Full-Priced customers have precedence over discounted.

Play Now!

Low Impact Paintball

Low Impact Paintball gives a new experience for beginner players and kids ages 8-12! This specialized paintball gun weighs less and is smaller than a normal paintball gun. One of the most popular questions asked by new paintball players is: "Does it hurt?" Well now with Low Impact Paintball, beginners can play without the risk of gettings bruises or marks the next day! You can even play in a t-shirt and shorts! Low Impact Paintball allows adult new players and young players, to play without fear and have a great time on our paintball field!

Kids Splat With JT SplatMaster

Simply put, JT SplatMaster is a low impact product that shoots color filled round Ammo resulting in a Splat. The Ammo is 100% biodegradable, non toxic, resists stains, and easily washes away with water. JT SplatMaster was engineered so kids (and adults!) ages 8+ could easily be used. You will feel impact, but it doesn't "hurt" -- at times, some say it feels like a minor rubber band snap. JT SplatMaster is active, backyard play for the entire family. Safe, fun, accurate -- Get in the Game!